[newbie] evaluation question


I’'m just looking for a IM Server I can modify/extend the presence logic …

A tipical scenario:

JOHN is offline and he configured a white list (WL). HELEN belongs to the WL. If HELEN will try to contact him, an email will be sent to JOHN. Sending email is one of the configurable actions to be performed.

If BOB will try to contact him nothing will happen since he is not in the WL.[/i]

I’'m sorry if question seems stupid or it is already documented somewhere but I have a few time to evaluate it and I have no time to read complete documentation/code.

I will really appreciate if someone could say me what kind of effort should I excpect for.

Thank You for any help.

Lewis B.

Hey Lewis,

Your feature request has been mentioned some time ago and is in our roadmap. However, we are not currently working on that feature. You can vote for the issue JM-236 to raise its priority. In that link you will also be able to read about other people that are/were planning to implement this feature and different implementation alternatives.


– Gato

thank you so much… I think I’'m in the right place… a lot of kind and proactive people ))

I voted 4 it !