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Newbie help for setting up with AD/LDAP


I just installed Jive Messenger on a test server, and I’'m using the following configurations (besides the default values):

  • I added the name of the AD domain administrator to the authorizedUsernames field.

  • Then, I enabled the default LDAP settings with these changes:

  • host: the primary AD controller

  • baseDN: CN=Users,DC=hq,DC=hemac,DC=com,DC=mx (note: I don’'t really know what a DN is, I just got this info from dsquery).

I also tried using the domain administrator username/password in adminDN/adminPassword to no avail.

When I try to login to the Jive interface I can’‘t. I’'ve tried endless combinations of usernames passwords.

Also, before making changes to the config file, I configured the server using the interface and I enabled the debug log, but no info at all is being written to it…

As you can see, I don’‘t know much about this stuff, in fact, this is my dad’'s office, and he wants to use a messenger program to communicate with his peers, so he asked me to come up with something, and I found Jive Messenger to fit his needs…

Any help is appreciated.

What is the value for adminDN that you’'re using? It should be fully qualified, such as “uid=admin, CN=Users,DC=hq,DC=hemac,DC=com,DC=mx”, etc.

Then, you’‘d just use “admin” to login with. Also, you need to set the username, name, and email fields to match the actual values in AD. Different versions of AD use different default values so you’'ll need to browse the directory to get the information.