Newbie help with Enterprise/FastPath


We have only recently started testing OpenFire Enterprise and I am just hoping someone might be able to help with the problem below -

We have Setup and Installed Openfire Enterprise, there is a “Fastpath” tab in the admin console and on our Spark Clients but looking at the the userguide, we need to point our web form to the “jivelive.jsp” file, but we are not to sure where this will be located or if we need to install another plugin to get this ??/

Hope all this makes sense.

Yes, you need a plugin–it is called webchat. You can install this within the Openfire admin console, and test it out there. Once you are done, you can also grab the webchat.war file and deploy it to another server.

Is there any MAJOR reason for deploying webchat.war in another app server? is it just so it makes it harder for people to discover the openfire servers address or is there some other reason?


I am sure there are a lot, but some of the more popular ones are:

–Firewall (put the web part out, and open the OF ports only vs. exposing the OF server to the general public.

–Customize the look and feel of the webchat pages (tough to do from within the OF server)

–Load (for heavy usage sites, it helps to balance the load by moving this component to another server and scaling those servers).

Thanks for that :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: