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Newbie:Installing Wildfire+asterisk IM without a web service

Hi Everyone,

I am new in this area and I would like to ask some beginner questiones:

In my work place, I would like to install wildfire and asterisk-IM on an asterisk box. I am doing some admin stuff with this box and I connect to it by using cygwin (ssh…) from my windows machine.

The issue here is that how am I going to be able to do user administration by using the web based admin console? I do not know any other way connecting to the asterisk machine other than using secure shell. Do I need to install apache on * box? I doubt that would help though?

Could somebody please point me to the right direction on configuring wildfire+asterisk-IM?

I would be more than happy to give more information if it is needed…

Best regards,



Wildfire does not need an Apache web server and the plugin does also not need it. You may try Wifi+Asterisk-IM on another server and do a remote connection to your Asterisk server.