Newbie question: seeing wildfire shared groups in spark

This is probably a simple question.

I installed Wildfire on the server and spark on 2 workstations. I added users from the spark client and was able to communicate between workstations.

I added a few more users at the server, and created a few groups. I added the users at the stations to those groups as well.

How can I get those groups into spark?

ok, Problem fixed.

I figured I would document my ignorance.

1. How does group sharing work.

Location: Users/Groups -> Edit Group --> Enable contact list group sharing

When enabled, you must create a display name that others will see. This is entered in the “Enter conact list group name” field. This is what will be displayed on the client. Then you add who will see the group, Either other groups or all users.

2. Why don’'t I see the groups in the spark client?

The groups are only displayed if someone is online. The members of the shared group will show in the in the offline group until the come online. If you want to see the list of groups anyway, then Goto:

Spark Client > Menu:Contacts> click “show empty groups”

3. I created a group for the future, but it is not displayed even after I clicked “show empty groups”. Why?

The group will not be displayed until after at least one user has been added.

This was my first install of wildfire/spark. I searched but could not find documentation on how this stuff works. Does anyone know where there is a dummy’'s guide for this product? Or how about a “this is how to use this product” guide?

Thanks and I hope I get to help someone else

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