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Newbie Question


We are setting up a wildfire 3.2.2 server for XMPP IM’ing. So far, everything works great. However, one thing we can’t figure out is how we make all users automatically ‘see’ all other users. We’re a tiny company (<50 people), so we’d prefer to automatically have everyone get a list of all users. Right now, everyone has to send a ‘buddy request’ to talk with anyone else.

So, is there a way to do this?



First of all that is a very old version of the product. I would seriously recommend running the latest version. That said…

If you are using LDAP create a group in your LDAP server and add all the users to it. Otherwise create the group on the chat server and add all users to it. Install the subscription plugin and configure it to Accept all requests. Now go to the Users/Groups tab of the chat server, find the group and share it. That is done by clicking on the group. You need to give it a share name for it to work. It will automatically share to all members of the group.