Newbie Questions - Please Help!


Total newbie here.

I am thinking about installing Wildfire and Spark as an IM solution for my company. We have over 100 workstations.

I read through the documentation already, but I am unsure about a few things:

  1. Can Wildfire & Spark use Active Directory for IM accounts and authentication? If so, how do I set that up?

  2. Are there any issues with installing Wildfire on a Windows Server 2003 Domain Controller that is running Exchange 2003?

I have a couple of Servers that I could install Wildfire on:

  1. A Server 2003 Domain Controller / File Server that also runs DNS, WINS, DHCP, RRAS, IIS, FTP and Tape Backup software.

  2. A Server 2003 Domain Controller /File Server that also runs Exchange 2003, DNS, IIS, and FTP.

  3. A Server 2003 Member Server / Web Application Server.

What would be my best option?


I have been reading through a lot of posts on here to try and figure this out. I installed Wildfire on my W2k3 DC Exchange Server. I changed it to start as a service.

Now I am trying to get my Wildfire.XML file correct. I want to use LDAP to integrate with my Active Directory for users and authentication.

What settings are correct for Wildfire installed on a DC?

Here is what I have so far:


Can someone please post their Wildfire.XML file that is working?

is a user that will access active directory to perform the query. Someone please feel free to correct me if I’‘m wrong. Assuming I’‘m correct, if you leave that blank, you won’'t be able to query AD.


So port 389 will work on my DC? I read in one post that AD uses port 3268.

And for can I put a regular domain user in there, or does it have to be a Domain Admin? I’'d hate to leave a Domain Admin password in plain text like that.

389 seems to work for me. I used a domain administrator initally to make it easy to get the authentication working properly. Only after it was working did I then create a user specifically for querying AD for wildfire with the minimal needed to make the query work.

I still cannot get this to work, no matter what I try…

I can’'t get into the Admin Console when I enable LDAP.

I created the user JabberAdmin in AD. I have tried moving him to different OUs and even the default Users container. I have tried port 389 and port 3268. In the


Sorry you’'re having troubles getting things setup. Are you sure LDAP protocol support is turned on in Active Directory? You might try a standalone LDAP tool as a first step. It will be a lot more responsive than trying to edit the config file and crossing fingers.

An improved LDAP/Active Directory setup process is a big priority for upcoming releases.



Thanks Matt,

I thought AD has LDAP support built-in. You don’'t have to do anything to “turn it on” do you?

Also, the Server I am trying to install it on is not the PDC. It is the 2nd Domain controller, and I am trying to point it to itself. Don’'t know if that makes a difference or not.

Does my Wildfire.XML look right? I wish there was a tutorial on this.

Here is my working LDAP config, with some changes

That allows the console to recognize the user as one of the imported ones from AD.

Thanks Coesum,

My Admin Console is working now, and LDAP is as well. I can see all the users/groups.

As soon as I tried your Filter Settings though, it will not let me in the Admin Console anymore.