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Newbie: Roster and Subscriptions

Hello folks

I have set up Openfire 4.0.3 on a server and it seems to work fine to get messages from one user to another. I am having trouble with presence, however. I want USER01 to be able to determine the presence of USER02, etc., so it seems they should be in one another’s roster. So, using ONLY openfire, I create users USER01, USER02, USER03, etc.

Then, for User01, I add User02 and User03 to its “roster.” So I am confused as to the concept of a “buddy,” as I am using a program to access a user’s roster. it seems that although the users 02, 03 are in the User01’s roster, they are not seen as “buddies” until i add a group called “buddies” and provide subscription to and from the buddies group. Am I doing something wrong?

The reason is that on probing for presence of my “buddies,” I get

Can someone show how, using only Openfire, to set up appropriately users who want to see one another’s presence?



As far as i know openfire follows below process.

If you have user1,user2,user3 and user1 has user2,user3 in his roster list and set subcription as both then user2 and user3 can determine presence of user1 but vice versa is not acceptable until user2 doesn’t add user1 in his rosterlist and set subscription both.

so if you want to get presence of any user then it is mandatory that your name should be in his roster list and subscription shouldn’t be none.