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Newbie trying to connection to SQL server 2008


I’m trying to setup Openfire using the Sql datebase option but can’t seem to get the connection to work. Using a Windows platform and built Openfire database with assigned user ‘sa’ and good password. Database is set to mixed mode, both windows and sql logins work. Setup reports that sa is not a trusted user but sa is what I use to connect to the Openfire database via Microsoft Sql server management studio. And the Sql error log also reports that sa is not a trusted user either. What kind of login are you using? Windows or SQL? I’m lost. It should work just fine. Does it with with SQL 2008 Server Express? I read something about a problem with using a Instance ID with the hostname but in SQL 2008 you must configure an Instance ID. Anyone have Openfire working with SQL Server that can offer some help.


PS: I’m not giving away any password secrets in the attachment.
error.log (38837 Bytes)
openfire.xml (1817 Bytes)

We’re having a similar issue with SQL Server 2008 ( actually SQL Express 2008).

However, we’re just getting a stand alone connection error of ‘connection refused’.

We did some research and found this.

According to Ignite’s SQL documentation, it uses the Free TDS driver which in turn uses the jTDS project.http://jtds.sourceforge.net/

Driver page: http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=33291

The driver currenlty being used only supports up to SQL 2005.

I did some looking around on the sourceforge.net forums. Found a couple forum posts asking about MS SQL 2008, but there were no replies.

So I can only think that there is no jTDS driver yet for SQL 2008.

Hope this helps.

Hi, did anyone resolve this problem? I have the same errors at deploying Oenfire with SQL Server 2008 Express. I don’t believe that Openfire doesn’t work with SQL Express 2008. Did anyone deploy this couple successfully?

you should create a new SQL user to connect to the admin database with. You should never be using the SA account in a connection string. It could be intercepted and compromise the security of your SQL server.