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Nice! /me commands!

There are some nice improvements to the 2.5.0 client. Good work!

I’'m glad to see that there is now support for “/me” commands, but I think I found a bug in them. If you type a message that starts with “/me” and contains other "/me"s all instances of “/me” are replaced with the user display name. The convention for this [at least in all the clients that I have used that support “/me”] is only the first instance should be replaced. Here is an example…


/me likes /me commands

Spark 2.5.0 output:

Nathan Anderson likes Nathan Anderson commands

Suggested output:

Nathan Anderson likes /me commands

Also, I’'m not a huge fan of the pink color selected. Is there a way to configure that?




I filed this as SPARK-667. We’‘re also considering lots of improvements to this type of functionality, to more closely match what we’'ve done in the group chat widget at http://www.igniterealtime.org/support/group_chat.jsp.