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I added a contact to my contact list. While adding contact, I specified nickname to that contact. This added a new record in jiveRoster table in SQL Server database. I can see the nickname in contact list instead of jid. Then I manually modified the nickname value in jiveRoster table. Spark is still showing the oldname that i specified while adding contact.

Can anyone shade some light on this pls.

Contents from the database is being cached by Wildfire. That’‘s probably why your changes don’'t show right away. Try restarting the server, see what happens then.

for how much time data is cached by wildfire server ?

I think it defaults to six hours. If I’‘m right, you can make changes to java.org.jivesoftware.util.CacheManager’‘s maxLifetime attribute to change this. You’‘ll probably see a difference in performance though - I wouldn’'t lower it to much, or at least wait until a developer comments (or search the forum for comments, there have been a couple of similar questions in the past).

Hi deepak,

Guus is correct, the default time is 6 hours, this is one of the reason why it’'s best to use the Wildfire and/or Smack API when making changes to user info rather than altering the sql directly.