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Hi everybody,

I have Wildfire with Pam authentication (NativeAuth) running, and now I want that my Exodus client show the Nickname of the users beside username… How can I do that?

If I remember when I’'m using default authenticantion via DB the client automatically displays the “Name” propertie of the user. Now, even fulfilling this column Exodus displays the username.

What can I do?


Oi Matheus,

Are you using shared groups? If you are not using shared groups then the contact in your roster will appear with the name that you specified when adding them to the roster. In this case you can rename your contacts from the client. However, if you are using shared groups then the contacts will appear in your roster with the name of each user. The name of the users is stored in the jiveUser table and can be modified from the admin console. Using PAM authentication does not override where the name of the users is coming from.


– Gato

Tks for the answer, Gato.

Yes, I’‘m using shared groups. Is there a way to the users change their own “names” instead of the admin? Unfortunely to update the name of a contact in roster on Exodus it’'s necessary to edit properties of each user and click on “Update nickname based on names”.