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Nightly build warning!

Today I checked in new changes regarding server-to-server and external components support that require to create 2 new tables in the database. If you install the latest nightly build and forgot to run the update-db-script the server will still run though you will get some exceptions in the error.log. In order to create the new tables run the proper update script located in src\database\upgrade\2.1_to_2.2.

For your information, server-to-server and external components support is almost finished. Latest added features are white&black lists, killing of idle sessions, new admin pages, new pages that show the list of connected components and remote servers, and many improvements/bug fixes.

As you can see this post is a question so for those of you that report any error regarding s2s or external components support, you will get some points.


– Gato

have tried to download both src and bin builds of 24 and 25. There is no such path src\database\upgrade\2.1_to_2.2 in either. In src build there is only src\database path with sql scripts. And in bin builds there is resources\database\upgrade\2.1_to_2.2 path with sql scripts. So what should i run to correctly upgrade my windows binary install? And how??

Hey wroot,

You are correct about the incorrect path. In the nightly build the correct path would be resources\database\upgrade\2.1_to_2.2. So pick up the correct file according to the database you are using and run it.

In order to manually update an existing JM installation with the latest nightly build you will need to copy these files/folders from the nightly build to your current installation.

. Copy the whole plugins\admin folder. This will update the Admin Console.

. Copy the lib\messenger.jar file.

. And remember to execute the db update scripts.


– Gato

ok, i’'m upgrading with the last 2005-06-25 build. have copied all files over. Using embedded-db. So i should run resources\database\ugrade\2.1_to_2.2\messenger_hsqldb.sql script? This is on Windows2000, this script is not an executable. How must i run it?

hey. i’‘ve upgraded my test server with latest nightly build but i’'m still wondering how to run DB upgrade script. Or this should be run in Admin Console? I need a tip.


I can do this forever

Hey wroot,

Do you believe in magic? Just download tomorrow’'s nightly build and start up the server. Your database will be automagically updated.


– Gato


i like it

hey, maybe there could be some confirmation message while starting Admin Console about successful DB upgrade?

hey, maybe there could be some confirmation message

while starting Admin Console about successful DB


Yep, that’'s a good suggestion. If the auto-upgrade fails for some reason it would also be nice to show that.


Both wishes have been granted. In the next nightly build you may find the enhancements.


– Gato