In the C:\Program Files\Openfire\bin\extra directory there is a Embedded Database-view.bat file which launches the HSQL Database Manager. But I get a NIOLockFile error. Am I able to run querys on the database whilst OpenFire Server is on. If so this will defo create problems for exporting data every 5mins and may have to look at setting the application up on MSSQL database or mySQL database.

As I have setup the database using the embedded version is there a tool to transfer all data over to mySQL or MSSQL cause I don’t want to setup all the users again and all the groups.

Hey Richard,

When using the embedded database only one process can make use of the database at a time. That means that if you are running the Openfire server then you cannot use the bat script to access the database at the same time. You will have to stop the server to use the batch file.

Regarding the migration to MySQL or MS-SQL you can search in the forums. It’s a common question that has been made a few times. Basically, you should stop the server and grab the embedded-db\openfire.script file. Open that file and you will see lots of CREATE and INSERT statements. You will need to manually execute the INSERT SQL statements in your new database.


– Gato