No admin portal after restart

After over a year of uptime, our Openfire server locked up. A restart fixed everything, or so I thought. Even though the service is functioning normally, when I attempt to connect to the web-based admin console I am presented with the first page of the setup wizard. Has anyone run into this before? Is there a simple way to fix things? I’d really rather avoid re-configuring everything and re-building all of the share user groups. Is there a simple way to change a flag somewhere so Openfire knows that it is already set up properly and I get a proper login page again?

This is usually a case of missing proper permissions to write to config file by a user running the Openfire. Maybe your server hasn’t been restarted ever since the installation? Because you would probably have run into it right away doing a restart after the installation. What operating system and how are you running Openfire (manually, service/daemon)? In what directory it is installed?

It was installed in early 2014. The server has been restarted a handful of times since then, so if it’s permissions related it is a more recent problem. I’m using version 3.10.2 running on top of OS X 10.8.5 and Java 8. Openfire is installed to the default path - /usr/local/ - and it runs as a service.

Then it is probably some sort of corruption after the forced reboot. Do you have a backup? If not, then you can re-run the setup and specify the same DB and other settings. Groups and users should stay intact. Do you use LDAP integration? As i don’t use it myself (neither OS X) can’t say what should be done with that during a setup, whether it will catch old settings or not.

You can also try editing /openfire/conf/openfire.xml (when Openfire is stopped) and change the tag at the bottom to true.

Thank you. Changing the tag to true did the trick.