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No administration tools for text conference rooms

so I have searched all over, and cannot seem to find a topic on this.

As an admin for a internal jabber server, with the default jabber client I have the ability to cotnrol the moderator and member lists. I have not been able to figure out how to do this with Spark.

Is there a separate add-on that will control the admistration side from the client or is there something else that I am missing?

you need to adjust those settings from the server.

well when using MomentIM, its a client side config. I would really rather perfer to use Spark as I love the client, there is just a few features missing client side for administration.

with regard to conferencing, room owner has the capacity to manage, restrict etc with regards to the room. you just have to right click the mouse button on the conversaton windows and press configure.

the room configuration works, but from within that menu, there is no way to set the members, ban, or administrator list.

currently I am using a different client for room management, spark meets my every other needs except for the ability for member adminsitration for the different rooms.