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No audio on calls via Red5


I’ve been testing Red5 plugin with SparkWeb, and have some issues that I can’t seem to figure out.

  1. SIP calls work fine, but I can’t get contact -> contact call working. It connects ok, but I hear no audio from either side. Mic. has been turned on from Flash setting at both ends.

  2. I can’t close the call window from question 1. Nothing happens when I click on the X. This wasn’t the case with 0.1.01, but it appears to be happening for 0.1.04 at least. Is this fixed in the newer versions?

  3. How do I find out what version I should be using? I see references on this forum with zipped files like http://red5.4ng.net/red5-0.1.08.zip (which appears to be the newest), and http://red5.4ng.net/red5.war.


Nothing happens when I click on the X.

The problem is the invisible web page pointing at www.igniterealtime.org. Change it to something else or comment it out in index.html.

After commenting out the URL bit as advised, it no longer happens. Thanks.

Hi qje8gbswhx,

Can you please give me some inputs or steps in making call work with sparkweb.

Details: My SIP Server is OpenSER & My Proxy is rtpproxy.

I made it work with Asterisk Server but I couldn’t with Red5.


Gouri Prasad.