No available plugins shown?

I’'ve got 3.0.1 installed… When I go to the “Available plugins” page in the admin console, I get a message that says:

“The list of available plugins has not yet been downloaded. Click here to download the list.”

When I click, it changes for a second, then goes back to displaying that message. It doesn’'t appear to be downloading anything. The file conf/available-plugins.xml contains only the line:


What’'s going on here, and how do I fix it?

i have the same problem - i’'m using Wildfire 3.1.0 Beta 2…

I’'m too, since today.

Ah, ok. Maybe it has something to do with the server it’'s contacting, and not to do with my configuration?

Yes, or the plugin list file is corrupted/malformed on jive’'s server.

It works well some days ago.

same problem here, no change of configuration


Any news on this?

Same here - Wildfire 3.1.0 Beta 2 out of the box.

Can anybody post his last working “conf/available-plugins.xml” file please?



I have the same prob and my webchat plugins dun work

  <plugin name="Asterisk-IM" latest="1.1.1" changelog="" url="" author="Andrew Wright, Jens Wilke" description="Integration for Asterisk and Wildfire." icon="" minServerVersion="3.0.0" readme="" fileSize="286044"></plugin>   <plugin name="Presence Service" latest="1.3.1" changelog="" url="" author="Jive Software" description="Exposes presence information through HTTP." icon="" minServerVersion="2.5.1" readme="" fileSize="24746"></plugin>   <plugin name="Spark Fastpath Webchat" latest="3.1.1" url="" author="Jive Software" description="Web based chat client for Spark Fastpath." icon="" minServerVersion="3.0.0" licenseType="commercial" fileSize="2010376"></plugin>   <plugin name="Search" latest="1.2.0" changelog="" url="" author="Ryan Graham" description="Provides support for Jabber Search (JEP-0055)" icon="" minServerVersion="2.4.0" readme="" fileSize="33160"></plugin>   <plugin name="Wildfire Enterprise" latest="3.0.1" changelog="" url="" author="Jive Software" description="Enterprise Edition of Wildfire." icon="" minServerVersion="3.0.1" readme="" licenseType="commercial" fileSize="4049403"></plugin>   <plugin name="Spark Fastpath" latest="3.1.1" changelog="" url="" author="Jive Software" description="Workgroup queueing and routing" icon="" minServerVersion="3.0.0" readme="" licenseType="commercial" fileSize="1217200"></plugin>   <plugin name="Broadcast" latest="1.5.0" changelog="" url="" author="Jive Software" description="Broadcasts messages to users." icon="" minServerVersion="2.4.0" readme="" fileSize="11633"></plugin>   <plugin name="Subscription" latest="1.0.0" changelog="" url="" author="Ryan Graham" description="Automatically accepts or rejects subsription requests" icon="" minServerVersion="2.6.0" readme="" fileSize="18362"></plugin>   <plugin name="User Import Export" latest="2.0.3" changelog="" url="" author="Ryan Graham" description="Enables import and export of user data" icon="" minServerVersion="3.0.1" readme="" fileSize="673848"></plugin>   <plugin name="Registration" latest="1.3.0" changelog="" url="" author="Ryan Graham" description="Performs various actions whenever a new user account is created." icon="" minServerVersion="2.4.0" readme="" fileSize="27614"></plugin>   <plugin name="User Service" latest="1.1" changelog="" url="" author="Justin Hunt" description="Allows administration of users via HTTP requests." icon="" minServerVersion="2.4.4" readme="" fileSize="16505"></plugin>   <plugin name="Content Filter" latest="1.3" changelog="" url="" author="Conor Hayes" description="Scans message packets for defined patterns" icon="" minServerVersion="2.4.0" readme="" fileSize="25570"></plugin>

JM-846 is already scheduled for the next beta release

Is there/will there be a fix for 3.0?

Is there/will there be a fix for 3.0?

I don’'t think, one can still fetch the plugins manually at and copy them into the plugins directory and this is not a critical bug.