No call feature in red5 plugin of spark

Dear All,

I am using Openfire 3.6.0 in Windows 2003 sand installed Red5 Plugin version 0.0.28. The http binding port is 8080.I can see the

http://server_name:8080/red5/red5.html page and using that page we can do voice and video chat using

2Way audio/video

You can test the 2way audio/video application from here,

First person (160x120), click here
Second person (320x240), click here.

It is working fine.

Also the web messenger is also working.


I can make red5 calls using web mssenger.

But the problem i am facing that, I could not find the call option in spark red5 plugin.

I have downloaded the red5 plugin red5-plugin.jar file from the location Openfire_Home\plugins\red5\spark

All the other options of red5 spark plugin

  1. Open Audio/Video Roster
  2. View Audio/Video Messages
  3. Publish Desktop Screen
    are available under Red5 menu, but the call option is not available.

If I right click a user also, all the other Red5 options come except the call option.

I am using spark 2.5.8 in windows XP. I have attached the red5-plugin.jar file.

Please help me to resolve the problem.


Pranab S.
red5-plugin.jar (70861 Bytes)

red5 plugin for spark uses the dial option on the spark menu to make red5 calls

Hi Dele,

Thank you for your reply.

I had installed red5 plugin before also with the same configuration one month back for testing purpose in my testing server.

At that time i saw the following options in red5 menu or when I right click user in my list:

  1. Call
  2. Open Audio/Video Roster
  3. View Audio/Video Messages
  4. Publish Desktop Screen

If I call a user it opened a browser like window with Red5 call, and one side of the screen i could see my name and other side the name of the person i called.

I did some testing at that time and it was working fine for me.

Now I have installed it in my main messenger server, I used all the same versions as i did in my testing.

But now i could not find the Call option in red5 menu as i could find that when i tested the red5 plugin in my testing server.

I have used that Dial Phone(PC to PC) call. Is this the same red5 call?

I am bit confused. I will be greatful if you could give some light on it.



Make sure that on the openfire server, the red5 plugin web page has the

red5 calls enabled. I don’t have spark installed right now so I can’t

confirm if it is “Dial Phone”