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No conference rooms being displayed

We have Spark and open fire server installed. We have intermittent loss of chat rooms. The network seems to be solid, The spark client with debug console enabled shows the client requesting a list of chat rooms but there is no response from the server. Any ideas?


we have the same problem. I think it´s an openfire bug. We never managed to understand why this is happening.

Any update on this. We seem to be facing the same problem


We seemed to rectify are fault by turning the ‘use compression’ option on in the advanced settings on the initial splash screen. Hope this helps.

Thanks!. Unfortunately it did not help . Same result with compression enabled.


I think we have managed to overcome this in a develoment machine changing the values directly in database. We are convinced this is some bug related with cache, because the rooms are still on database.

I´m not sure this will work in production(linux machine) because it seems it needs a reboot and we didn´t do it yet. In dev machine(Windows ) it didn´t disappear.

Try this in DB, table of mucroom, find fields creationDate and modificationDate, and change to a future time. This seems to do the trick.After this rebbot and check in admin area of openfire, under rooms properties if the date is to the future.

I still didn´t get what format date is on this tables (select from_unixtime(‘xxx’) doesn´t work), so try to change the first 5 to a 7…it will cheng the date to 204x… It´s stupid I Know…but I have to do what I can since this bug is here to stay, and nobody is taking care of openfire…