No connect to openfire-server


i installed openfire on openSUSE 11.4 x64_86. A nmap shows that the server is listening on the Port 5222, too. But it is not possible to connect with a XMPP-Client (tested Kopete an PSI) Other XMPP-based Chats are connectable. The log-Files doesn’t show any helpful entries

I am new with openfire and so i ask for a hint. What should i check?




I have read that there are maybe a problem with openJDK and so i installed SUN Java -> No connection

Then i disabled AppArmor -> No connetion

Then i added the SUN SDK (JRE) -> No connection

Then i installed eJabberd -> Heureka :slight_smile: Now it is possible to Jabber!

Now i can test the server with: telnet 5222

and after i type something and press enter the (eJabberd) server answers with XML.

So i think, there is no Problem with the Server, the LAN, the Client, or something. It is openfire. It listened on the neccessary ports but it does not answer.

Even if eJabberd runs, i want to test openfire. So what can i do to get i run? What information do you need?



Btw: In the Setup-Dialog in “Server Settings” you ask for the domainname, but the field prefilled with the hostname. i think that is a little bit confusable.

It is known that PSI and some other clients can’t connect to Openfire 3.7.0. But so far nobody knows why and when this can be fixed.

As about the domain field. Probably it is prefilled with a hostname, because it need to be filled and if administrator don’t know what to put there, then hostname maybe be a reasonable choice. Just a thought. Don’t know exactly why is done this way.

Hi wroot,

i assume that this is not a client problem! Kopete runs with a lot of installations on my side. Even with my eJabberd installation on the same maschine. Even if i use no client and test with telnet there are no answer from openfire.

Domain field: Maybe they want prefill any text. In this case you cloud ask the system for ‘domainname’ insteed of ‘hostname’ if you want that the name of the domain is entered :wink:

I didn’t want it to sound like this is a Psi problem. This is probably an Openfire issue, as older Psi version was working with 3.6.4 and now it’s not. But i don’t know what it is and i haven’t heard any explanation about this so far. Maybe Psi developers can shed some light on this.

Anyway, this won’t be fixed (as well as hostname prefilling, though i’m ok with this) until Openfire get some full-time (or at least part-time) developer to work on. Currently we don’t have developers or even active patchers, so this project is currently in stale. Btw, by getting a developer i mean volunteer contributors as this is a community driven project. If you rely on Kopete/Psi clients, then i suggest using ejabberd.