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No connectivity

Obviously I’m making a mistake somewhere in this configuration. I’ve been at this for several days, and thought it was time to ask for help.

Here is my configuration:


I cannot attach to the server from clients using: jbr.example.com

I can ping that domain and get the correct address, so I believe the DNS is working. I’ve checked for open ports, and they’re open.

Can anyone spot what I need to correct?



Hi Tom,

do you have this problem with internal or external clients? There may be some missing routing entries.

I would add “ jbr.example.com” to the hosts file of your server. You need to restart Openfire so it reads the new host entry. Anyhow I don’t think that it will help much.


I did as you said, put the domain on the OF host using the local IP. That changed the behavior on the openfire host itself, now I can get a connection with pidgin running on the host. And I can also get a connection (user icon turns green on OF server user display) on a separate machine on my LAN, a laptop.

While I can have an account connected on the OF host and the laptop, and set up an instant message from one to the other, the message does not get received.

I still don’t connect from a non-LAN client I can access via an NX connection to another host.

What other kind of routing entries might be missing? Hunches will help, I’m not a networking expert, but find my way around once I get onto something.

Thanks very much for the help.


I’m getting WAN as well as LAN client connections to Openfire now. The WAN clients only if they connect through port 5223. Although I have 5222 & 5223 opened on the firewall UIF, and, e.g. canyouseeme.com shows them both open, for some reason I cannot telnet to 5222, while I can to 5223.

I’ve got to get onto the firewall computer itself and see what is up. Seems like a secondary watchdog of some sort is clamping down on port 5222.

Anyway, thanks LG, for getting me off the dime, and at least I’m able to use Openfire with a key collaborator this morning.

Hi Tom,

I assume that you try to telnet to 5222 from your LAN and if this is not possible then you usually have a routing problem. Anyhow as port 5223 does work it really seems that the firewall is using port 5222 for something special.