No Contacts at first login

We are using Spark 2.5.1 and openfire 3.3.0… AD for contacts and groups. We have one main group that includes all contacts for the company. we are finding that at first logon into spark the contacts list is blank with no one in the online or offine groups, as if nothing is setup.

If we close the client and then reenter all works fine.

Any thoughts?

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I think it’‘s a synchronization issue. If I add someone to a Wildfire group in AD and they login a minute or so after, they don’‘t see anything. If I add them today, they will see the groups when they login tomorrow. I’‘m sure the timing isn’'t 12 - 24 hours but it seems to be at least a few hours.

Thank you for your input.

I am not modifing the group… These are pre-existing users. Reboot the computer log in, and open spark. It opens very slow, once it open the contacts are empty. If I then exit spark and re-enter, the program opens very fast and all online users are present and accounted for.

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