No contacts for msn appears

I have followed this guide; and added both msn and gtalk to the same user. I had the problem even before adding also gtalk that my contacts for msn do not appear. I added them all manually but noone seem to be online. I have redone the procedure, checked the server-time, rebooted openfire, the system and tried a new user aswell as checking that the password was correct. I also tried to set up iChat with just the username and not @localhost as someone in the comments of the tutorial suggested, but iChat wouldn’t allow that?

Great solution though, gtalk works and added the contacts automaticly, perfect!

Just my beloved msn-friends in the cold…How can I solve this?

/Klara from Stockholm

(also im using Openfire 3.6.0 eventhough I downloaded and installed 3.6.0a ?)


Can u tell me which version of Spark u r using …

I am using Spark 2.6.0beta1 works fine ( i mean it shows stats properly)…

Spark? I’m using Openfire 3.6.0 according to the console panel…but I installed Openfire 3.6.0a?

It shows that I can upgrade but then I am installing again or?

Maybe a different question; do I need spark aswell?

Thanks for the fast answer…


Can u send screeshot of that(i mena wht u r faceing in im gate way)… sorry for my bad english…

and just now i checked the IMGATEWAY plug in( UPDATE button) its works fine for my sys… and i am also using openfore 3.6a…

Here are some screenshots! Im logging in as vide on ichat and it appears there to be fine?

English isnt my first language either

I have now uninstalled openfire 3.6.0 (?) and have redone the process with the latest version, it still doesnt work. Worse is that none of my gmail-contacts shows up either?

I cant seem to find and UPDATE button for the IMgateway? Could you post a screenshot?

Gmail-contacts do appear now but msn does not, any suggestions?

Thanks a lot in advance!


There would only be an update button if there is a newer version of the gateway plugin. There is no version above 1.2.4d.