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No encryption option in Openfire 4.7.0 Released! client spark 2.9.4

I have a server |Version:|Openfire 4.7.0| with client Spark 2.9.4
Ignite Realtime
Apache License, Version 2.0
Smack Version: 4.3.4 (4.3.4-4.3 2019-05-27)
JRE Version: 1.8.0_121. In the previous version, there was a plugin named with OTR but in the current version, there is no plugin for otr. How we share passwords securely please reply.

From XMPP Wiki:

OTR is no longer recommended in the XMPP network as it has widely been replaced by OMEMO.

So I would not be surprised it does not exist. And am not sure if Spark supports OMEMO (yet)


OMEMO is not available for spark

That leaves no encryption for Spark

Note that this reflects to the feature known as “end-to-end encryption” only. Spark will normally encrypt its connection to the XMPP server. With that, your data is still encrypted when it is in transfer.

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