No entries in 'Available Plugins' and RSS feed unavailable?


I’ve installed my 2nd openfire server today morning, this time in a VirtualBox machine. I can ping google from inside the virtual machine and I can connect to openfire via Pidgin/Empathy. I can log-in to openfire on the admin console, too.

Also I can’t see any errors or messages.

Connection between the Virtualbox guest machine, my host and the outer web is achieved by a Virtualbox NIC (that let’s the VM communicate with the outside world), a host-only adapter to access the server from my host and a port forwarding from my router, to my PC and from there, with virtualboxmanager, to the guest. I only forwarded the 5222 port (TLS chat), though. Maybe the plugin list thingi needs a port forward?

Hope someone can help me here.