No gateway support in

I’'ve installed and only see the button for the ICQ gateway, not AOL, Yahoo, nor MSN. Plus I cannot see when people are typing on my jabber server. Have I installed Spark incorrectly or something?


Jive? Anyone? Any help would be appreciated!



is it possible that the server you are connecting to does only offer ICQ?

Maybe Spark fails to detect the services, so it may help if you could provide the ?public? url of the server so Daniel can have a look at this.


I just configured Spark to talk to our internal Jabber server, which works fine. Is there any other configuration needed, either to Jabber or Spark, to let it know I want to use it with AOL and Yahoo?


HipHapa wrote:

internal Jabber server

Who is managing it? Ask him are there AOL and Yahoo gateways on this server. There is no out-of-box support for legacy networks in Spark, it just uses gateways to such networks.