No group shown in the roster

Hi all,

I’ve just upgraded our openfire installation to a 3.6, but I’ve a problem with users’ groups. While in the admin console I can see and query the groups correctly, in the roster of our clients (both PSI and Spark) I cannot see any group, so the roster are empty. I’ve checked and the groups are exported to all the users. The groups are taken from our LDAP server, and I can query them from the admin console. Anyone has a clue about this?

The following is my openfire.xml file (note that it does not contains the LDAP configuration, I don’t know where it is stored in the current version):

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> 9090 9091


org.jivesoftware.database.DefaultConnectionProvider org.postgresql.Driver jdbc:postgresql://localhost:5432/openfiredb openfire Open11Fire select 1 true true 5 25



I found in the error.log this message that is supect: LDAP groupname lookup for amministrazione matche
d multiple entries.

and in fact I cannot query the amministrazione group, and there is an user called amministrazione, so this could be a problem. Is there a way to fix this? Something I can do to specify that users are only those in the ou=Users and groups are only those in ou=Groups?


I’ve removed every user that had the same username of the group, restarted the server, but nothing has changed. I’ve no more errors in the logs, and even with the debug option enabled I cannot see anything relevant. Still I don’t have any group in the contact list. Any idea?

Have you checked that the groups in the openfire admin console are shared? You could also try re-sharing the groups by clicking save again on each of the shared groups.

While re-sharing randomly groups, I found that one of them was blocking the system. I’ve shared again it and suddenly all the groups appeared in the rosters. Very strange.