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No groups are displayed on startup


I am running Openfire (Ver. 3.7.1-1) on SLES with an Active Directory backend.

AD Structure:



Office // OU, also contains the groups like “ITDepartment” “Sales” and stuff.

Benutzer (users) // people I want to be able to logon

Gesperrte Benutzer (blocked users) // people who left the company and are not allowed to login

The structure of my basestring is the following:

ldap.baseDN ou=Benutzer,ou=Office,dc=mydomain,dc=com

This gives me any active user as it should.

Now there are a bunch of groups for every department. E.g. ITDepartment, Sales and Development.

My primary target was to automatically export a contactlist where the people are sorted in the same groups as they are on the AD.

I use the folling filters.

ldap.groupSearchFilter (objectClass=group)(OU=ITDepartment)

ldap.searchFilter (objectClass=organizationalPerson)

There are no groups displayed and I tried various querys which all ended up with no result.

Does anyone have an idea?