No icq contacts in roster with multiple jabber-resources

Hello, all.

At first I ask to excuse me for my pure english. I am not native english speaker.

I use im-gateway to connect to icq server via jabber. I noted that icq contacts passes to jabber client only while icq is logging on. Therefor, if I try to log on my JID from other jabber-resource while icq is already online, icq contacts do not appear in my roster. I think, it is incorrectly.


Openfire 3.6.1 on FreeBSD 7.0-RELEASE (installed from ports collection) with im-gateway 1.2.4d. Tried with client Psi 0.12 on Windows 2008

I have a very similiar behaviour. Although I’m able to loginwith different ressources and having my ICQ-contacts loaded after some logins it doesn’t work anymore. So I have to kill the other ressource and relogin. Would really be nice if this could be fixed.