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No Info pulling from AD

I am a totaly new to OpenFire and Spark.I started using it about 2 weeks ago.

I installed OpenFire 3.6.4 on my Windows 2003 Server (AD) and Spark 2.5.8. (All AD Users are in contact list) on several W XP and W7 Workstations.

I am using the internal database and all seems to be working fine, except i want to see a users profile all field are emtpy and the same for full profile.

See attached screenshots.I cant figure out how to fix this.Help would be appreciated.

My ldap.vcard-mapping system properties.

{sn}{givenName}{mail}{displayName}{disp layName}image/jpeg{jpegPhoto}</P HOTO>{postalAddress}{stre etAddress}{l}{st}{postalCo de}{c}{homePhone}{telephoneNumber}< CELL/>{mobile}{pager}{facsimileTelephoneNumber}{title}{wWWHomePage}{company}{department}
error.log.zip (1297 Bytes)