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No-Log Flag

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and message/conference logging in general…

Does Jive recognize any special declaration that someone doesn’‘t want something logged? If I were in a MUC that was being logged is there something I can do, either on the client level in the XML packets, or in the user level like "*nl This isn’'t being logged"… and likewise, with a private messaging session is there such a flag to tell Jive not to include these posts in the audit logs?

Hey Father,

The audit log feature will log all packets types marked to audit (i.e. Presence, Message and IQ) and there is no way to tell the auditor to ignore some packets. In the last JM release we added an option to ignore any conversation that involves certain JIDs.


– Gato


Logging is something a lot of people have trouble getting used to. I’'ve had people message me in logged chat rooms simply because they were afraid to speak where it was being logged.

It is an even tighter situation in the corporate world. If all your message packets are being logged and monitored by your master, then you have no escape.

I’'m not sure if some sort of flag that users could utilize to instruct Jive not to log that packet is a good idea. Maybe the logging and tracking of everything we do is just something we have to get used to in this modern age.

Modern age doesnt give us a permission to be less humans Personally i cant read someones conversation, and i wount do that (i’'m not a FBI guy or like). Of course i can log and give logs to my boss desposition if he demands. But some strange thing, in some magical way all my co-workers will be notified about that