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No more SIP phone in Spark 2.5.0 beta 4


I’‘ve just installed beta 4 and now I don’'t have any SIP phone anymore. The dial pad does not appear anymore and when I check on the server, the SIP phone is marked “Unregistered” in Wildfire Enterprise and in Asterisk. If I connect with beta 3 or another SIP phone, everything works fine.

There is absolutely nothing in Spark logs or in the Wildfire or Asterisk logs. I’'ve tried manually enabling the “Phone Enabled” option in Actions without success.

I installed based on the online MSI and I have JRE 6 installed on my computer (WinXP).

Did I miss something obvious or is there anything wrong ?


Interesting. Could you do an install with the offline exe. I’'ll check the msi and see if for some reason the softphone is not being included.




I’‘ve installed the online .EXE and now the Softphone is back ! I’‘ve tried both installing over the beta 3 and totally removing the beta 3 and installing beta 4. Both cases are working. So it seems something’'s wrong with the current MSI.

I’'m now wondering what is the purpose of this MSI compared to the EXE:

  • it’'s bigger

  • you cannot upgrade it (you have to remove previous installations and install the new ones), while with the EXE you can

  • you cannot automatically deploy it in Openfire Enterprise while you can upload the EXE.

Regarding, auto-deployment of the EXE: it doesn’'t work for me and keeps asking to reinstall the new version over-and-over again


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Hi avitrac,

So the issues with MSI.

  1. It’‘s bigger - Yeah, I know It’'s the one thing that drives me crazy is that I cannot get that sucker down to a decent size. The compression is just not there compared to the installer for the exe.

  2. You cannot upgrade it - Ok, so this one is just a flat out bug. I don’‘t know if i’‘m doing something wrong or if the installer package we are using is just working right. I’'m looking into that one. SPARK-598

  3. You cannot automatically deploy it to OpenFire enterprise - Yes, this is very true. I’'m wondering if it makes sense to do that since the whole purpose of the MSI is to do AD integration.

And finally… Enterprise keeps asking you to upgrade - This would only happen if you were trying to upgrade users to be beta builds.