No org.igniterealtime.spark packages on Maven

Hi All,
i tried to follow the instruction to build and run Spark from this page

error hit when running mvn exec:java (try master branch and the latest release 3.0.2 )

report missing these from maven:

org.igniterealtime.spark:emoticons:zip:sparkEmoticonSet:3.0.2 (absent)
org.igniterealtime.spark:emoticons:zip:POPO.adiumemoticonset:3.0.2 (absent)
org.igniterealtime.spark:emoticons:zip:GTalk.AdiumEmoticonset:3.0.2 (absent)
org.igniterealtime.spark:emoticons:zip:Default.adiumemoticonset:3.0.2 (absent)

And I searched Central Repository: org/igniterealtime

there is no “spark” folder at all but just smack and others.

Can someone help this? thanks.