No outgoing s2s connections with 2.6.1


after upgrading from 2.6.0 to 2.6.1 wildfire doesn’'t establish any outgoing s2s connection.

Just incoming connection are in my session list.

i recieve messages and statuschanges, etc, but cant chat with outers.

telnet to other servers from commandsline works well (no firewall, etc issue).

Logs (error, warn, debug) has no entrys.

any ideas ?

additional info:

s2s SSL = Optional

Debug Log:

2006.04.12 15:35:31 Connect Socket[addr=/,port=37628,localport=5269]

2006.04.12 15:35:31 RS - Received dialback key from host: to:

2006.04.12 15:35:31 RS - Trying to connect to Authoritative Server:

2006.04.12 15:35:31 RS - Connection to AS: successful

2006.04.12 15:35:31 RS - Asking AS to verify dialback key for id3c6b8fcd

2006.04.12 15:35:31 RS - Key was VERIFIED by the Authoritative Server for:

2006.04.12 15:35:31 RS - Closing connection to Authoritative Server:

2006.04.12 15:35:31 RS - Sending key verification result to OS:


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