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No response from OpenFire over BOSH

Hi, let’s start with admitting I’m a newbie to OpenFire (and XMPP in general). I’m playing with OpenFire and JavaScript (using Strophe) and I’m trying to learn from the examples. But I can’t get them to work with my local OpenFire server.

What I’ve done:

  • installed and setup OpenFire

  • enabled and configured HTTP Bind Settings in OpenFire

  • downloaded the Strophe examples

What I’ve tried:

  • connecting to OpenFire without BOSH using Pidgin (works fine)

  • connecting to OpenFire with BOSH using Pidgin (doesn’t work)

I’ve configured it as described in step 4 of the following tutorial: http://expertnotfound.wordpress.com/2013/04/08/setting-up-openfire-bosh-strophe/

  • connecting to OpenFire using Strophe, basic example (doesn’t work)

I get no response

Does anyone has an idea what I do wrong or might have forgotten?

instead of

var BOSH_SERVICE = '[http://localhost/http-bind](http://localhost/http-bind)'


var BOSH_SERVICE = '[http://localhost/http-bind/](http://localhost/http-bind/)'

**watch out for slash at the end

I have it configured as:

var BOSH_SERVICE = '[http://localhost:7070](http://localhost/http-bind)'

When browsing to that address, I get a http response from OpenFire so I assume it’s correct?