No Roster , Empty Roster , Not Loading

Hello. I am using Jabber Mix Client (a MIDP2 client) on my blackberry. I am trying to assist the developer in making this client work with Openfire. I can connect to a Jabberd server and use the gateways to msn/yahoo and my roster populates with online and offline users correctly. If I connect to Openfire 3.4.5 or 3.5 with JMC I may get one yahoo user and one MSN user to load into roster online. All other users are loaded offline. I am thinking this is an issue with Openfire, because Jabberd loads correctly. Also Jabber users load correctly from the Openfire server, but there presence is not changed when going offline and coming back online. Any help is appreciated. The sourcecode and the client are here The client can be run in the Blackberry JDE to grab a dump. I do not want to post my dump because it contains my contacts email addresses. Let me know if you need more info. Thank You in advance.


OK. This is a serious problem now. I have tried Mundu IM and get the same empty roster. I can search for users, and find them. But none show in roster. Is openfire now supporting standard rosters calls?

Hey kevev,

Many things could be going on so we are going to need more information from you to figure out which of the many possibilities is going on. First off, which gateway are you using? Is it the gateway plugin of Openfire or the Python gateways or what? Second, which is the xmpp domain of your server and the domain of the users in your roster? Can you paste here the XML being exchanged between the client and the server? And last, have you checked the log files for relevant errors?


– Gato