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No Sound at sip-connection (in and out)

Hi there,

i installed the sip-plugin for openfire last week. I configured my sipaccount and tested the connection: everything is fine .

Today i tried to connect with spark and that works too. But when i tried to call someone via sip, i couldn’t hear someone and someone couldn’t hear me.

The microphone and the speaker have been on . That’s not the problem.

Can someone help me?

What Codec do you use?

SparkPhone support at this time only ULAW(G.711),GSM and G723 Codec

i checked the user manual of my sip-provider. He supports G.711 and GSM (and some other). How can i check if sparkphone had a problem with the codec?

Any related errors or warnings in the logfiles?

mhm… error and warning-log are empty. last week, i reinstalled win vista 32bit for a other reason. but so for sip@spark didn’t work

mhm… someone here how can help me? the problem still exists…

Here is the first spark with fmj version.

FMJ is an OpenSource Java Media Framework.

I hope it will fix the problem under vista, but at the moment I can’t test it.
spark-installer.jar (17394982 Bytes)

i installed the new version (thx for this) but it did not help realy. still nothing to hear. under skype, the microphone works. must i select the mic in a configfile?

how can i test the mic via sparke?

I have a similar problem, attempting to connect to an Avaya PBX.

It appears that Spark isn’t opening the correct ports for RTP traffic.

We have other softphones working on the same system, but Spark does not transmit or receive sound - regardless of the codec employed.

I have attached a couple of screengrabs displaying the problem - the spark client is at and the Avaya system is at You’ll see in both that the endpoint says the ‘port is unreachable’.

Hope we can resolve this - we could roll this out to a lot of people.

We are using Spark 2.5.8, openFire 3.6.4 and sip plugin 1.05.

Best regards and thanks in advance…


I am having this same problem

everything works fine on my XP client, but not on the Vista one (no sound, at all!) I verified that sip is working on the Vista laptop by using Xlite, which worked fine … nothing in the logs that stood out either

here is the current setup:

Spark 2.5.8 w/ sip pluggin

openfire 3.6.4 w/ sip pluggin



I seem to be having a similar problem using the latest SVN sources on Windows XP. Only the behavior is there is audio (in and out) for the first two or three calls. but on the third call there is no audio in or out.

when I check out the current head (r11693 as of 2010-05-04),

and do the default build of the sources and the included SIP plugin,

and then start it up with the “startup.bat” file in the target/build/bin directory,

I am able to place a call. talk and listen OK.

when I hang up (either end) and repeat, make another call, it usually works.

but by the third call, the call connects, but there is no audio in or out. Oddly enough, the dial tones when pressing the dial keypad still work (probably because those come from that Applet player facility instead of FMJ). and the remote party is able to hear our PBX onhold music when I toggle the hold button on the phone panel while the call is connected (probably because that is generated from the PBX).

The only work around I have found so far is to exit Spark and re start it. at which point I am able to make (or receive) another few calls before the audio ‘locks out’.

I am pretty sure it is something do to with FMJ. My reasoning comes from by going back in time in the subversion repository revisions, revision 11037 (the last one where JMF was in use). When I check out this revision 11037, perform the same default build of Spark and the SIP plugin, and start it up using startup.bat, the soft phone audio does work, and does NOT stop working after a few calls.

So I am hoping it is not something default setting that I am not doing for configuring FMJ, like needing to have a magic .properties file in my home folder or something that I just don’t know about. Because I kind of have a hunch this problematic “audio works for the first few calls but stops working after the few other calls” - on windows XP anyway, has been here ever since FMJ replaced JMF back in July 10, 2009.