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No Sound Notifications on Mac

Hello everyone! We are running an ejabber server for our clients at my work and I have several Spark 2.8.3 clients connecting to it. Two Mac clients at one of these locations have recently stopped playing audible / sound notifications when sending, receiving messages or when other users have logged in.

Changing the sound settings inside Spark in “Sound preferences” did not seem to have any effect, and there does not seem to be any other setting for these. I did follow the path to the sounds just to make sure the sounds were there, and they are. They are just not being played.

The last place I looked was the Mac Notification Center settings, but Spark does not appear as an option there.

This has been a head scratcher for everyone here. Has anyone else seen this issue? Where else should I be looking to bring back this sound behavior for my client?

Thanks for your time in reading this and for any help with this issue.

I’m not using macOS, so my only guess is maybe recent OS update has blocked apps not listed in Notification Center from playing sounds. Maybe there is a list of changes of macOS updates and such change is listed there.

Thank you for the reply wroot, I’ll check there.