No subscribe/unsubscribe sent on Yahoo transport

Hi, I have the yahoo transport installed and have been doing some testing with 2 accounts.

Let’s call these accounts: A and B. I connect to account A via openfire, account B via Yahoo web messenger (official site). Here’s the problem:

  1. When I add account A as a friend of B (on the Yahoo web messenger interface), the roster for account A (openfire) is not updated and a ‘subscribe’ packet is not sent. Only when I re-sign in on account B (openfire) does A appear in the roster.

  2. When account B (openfire) subscribes to A, there is no notification that shows up on A’s web messenger to accept or decline.

Has anyone else seen this?

I have only seen this with a misconfigured Subsription plugin. It needs to be set to allow local to have the requests work from gateways.

I don’t have the Subscription plugin installed.

It might be interesting to note that when B (yahoo web messenger) adds A (openfire), A appears offline, and B does not appear in A’s roster (the openfire user’s roster is not updated, indicating that the subscribe didn’t reach through to openfire from the gateway). Although, when I re-log in B (openfire), B appears online and the roster is updated.

Are there particular ports that need to be opened?

I have the same problem…have you solved it? Could you help me?


We’re seeing exactly the same thing, with gtalk as well, on two servers. Can anyone verify that this does, in fact, work?

Edit: I’ve verified that it’s totally broken. No outgoing subscriptions get sent on yahoo, incoming subscriptions only show up when the jabber user logs in.

Has anyone been able to resolve this? I am experiencing the same issues that are described here with our current implementation.