No Usage Reports in Openfire

Hi ,

We have “Status of Agents” and their respective session details in OpenFire Admin Console.

Is there any way to get/generate the report on Agent Usage History which in-turn provide us


Availability for chat

  • Idle time+
  • Total Usage/Busy Time+

Number of Chats

  • Handle/Response Time for a specific Request in Queue+

If we were able to create a report, what package/module can be used for the log/info retrieval about per user’s usage?

Wish to have your earliest help.

Anand Muthu

I’m pretty sure this is only availible in the Enterprise version.

Hi Robert,

The Enterprise version of Openfire really doesn’t exist anymore. It’s actually been broken up into several free/open-source plugins. You can read more about it here: plugins-with-enterprise-features-are-now-available



Hi Anand,

By default Openfire doesn’t track the various user usage history. A plugin could certainly be developed that would track and record that information and store it in a database and in turn be used to generate various reports.

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Ryan, Thanks a lot for your plugin critique link and comments over the request.

I have found from your article that you have worked on some openfire plugin which provides extensive Jabber Search (XEP-0055). Can you provide some help-docs which throws some light on the architectural view of this search funtionality?

Hi Anand,

There is no real official documentation for the search plugin. The source to the plugin is included as part of the Openfire source and is probably be best way to look into how it functions along with the official XEP-0055 specification. If you’re going to be writing your own plugin to create usage reports I would suggest that you also look at the source to the Monitoring Service plugin since it uses a packet interceptor and populates a database table.

Hope that helps,



Monitoring Service (interceptor to trace out the conversations), Fastpath Service(provide queue status) , Presence Service ( provide us the idle time and busy time) and Search (to trace out the conversation message) would help us to bail out the reports. Meanwhile, if you have any updates/ideas. share it up!


Anand Muthu