No users except administrato authenticate

I just installed Wildfire 3.1.1 on a Windows 2003 Active Directory domain controller. Clients in the domain are using Spark version 1.1.4. I’'ve configured Wildfire to query the Active Directory (LDAP).

When I attempt to sign into Spark from a client workstation, I can only sign in as the domain Administrator, I can not authenticate as any other user.

Can anybody make a suggestion as to what I’'m supposed to look for?

I answered my own question on this one.

At the location we support, we set the “log on to” restriction in Active Directory (ADUC > go to properties of a user’'s account > ACCOUNT > LOG ON TO > then specified a specific computer to log on to).

I was not thrilled with this administrative choice, but once it was removed, you could authenticate with Spark/Wildfire and the Active directory.

We will be removing this options on all user accounts.