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No VCard for user@host.com

I am trying to get a VCard but my logcat tells me “No VCard for usertofind@myhost.com

Can somebody help me? I am using the asmack-android-19-0.8.10.jar library.

This is the code I am using:

public HashMap getVCard(String user) {
          Log.d(TAG, "getVCard");
          VCard card = new VCard();
          try {
               card.load(Connection, user);
               String jabber_id = card.getJabberId();
               String firstname = card.getFirstName();
               String middlename = card.getMiddleName();
               String lastname = card.getLastName();
               HashMap vcard = new HashMap();
               vcard.put("jabber_id", jabber_id);
               vcard.put("firstname", firstname);
               vcard.put("middlename", middlename);
               vcard.put("lastname", lastname);
               return vcard;
          } catch (XMPPException e) {
          return null;