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No XMPP Client able to connect to Openfire Server

Hello ,

On an aws ec2 Instance Ubuntu 14.04 , I have setup openfire using https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-install-openfire-xmpp-se rver-on-a-debian-or-ubuntu-vps .

This just a test server so no worries there , the firewall is off , the security group of aws allows all traffic from all IP and I checked via telnet ports are reachable , I can login to admin Also I set the server public ip as servers IP/Domain when I setup the server for first time to create admin account.

Now my issue is Created a user but when i use any xmpp client like spark or Instandbird or any common xmpp app on iphone or andorid it can not connect.

Public Dns : ec2-52-45-76-95.compute-1.amazonaws.com
public ip :

For any one to test I created users like :

vishal password is Vrin@1234
kush password is 123

If any one wants admin credentials you can ask I can provide as I am just testing this one blank server.

Can any one know the reason why it is not connecting ?