Node property missing in Disco with ItemDiscoExtension?

I’m trying to use ItemDiscoExtension to get some node info from the service on the server.

like follows:

var iq = new IQ(“rai@localhost”, IQ.GET_TYPE);

var ext:ItemDiscoExtension = new ItemDiscoExtension(iq.getNode());

ext.service = “rai@localhost”;

ext.serviceNode = “some_node”; //node specified here



it sends out:

<iq id=“iq_5” type=“get” to=“rai@localhost”><query xmlns=“” /></iq> //without the node property

When I tried to get the result node with ext.serviceNode() ,it is “undefined”.

I tried BrowseExtension’s getNodeItems, got the same result .

Why? it seems that the node property is not implemented in ItemDiscoExtension, or something wrong elsewhere?

anyone knows? Thanks in advance.

I’m using XIFF 2 Beta 4 with openfire 3.3.3.