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Non-Cached User Display Name

Three Questions:

  1. how does a client request a non-cached display name for a rosteritem?

  2. when a client connects to a server, the server first sends his roster and then offline messages, the question is that is it possible for the server to first send the roster then the display names and then the offline messages?

  3. when a client is recieving roster items, is it possible for the server to send his vCard along with each rosteritem?

Note: the display names and vCards must not be cached.


Any Suggestions?

or is this a wrong place to ask such questions?

Hi Karimzai,

the dev’'s forum would have been a better place and posting the question two times was very kind of you. We all love to read the same question over and over again. Unfortunately the duplicate post was locked ):

@1: What do you mean with “cached display name”? It must be the right one, but if it’'s delivered out of a cache I see no problem.

@2: Wifi is open source, maybe you can supply a patch to make this configurable, I think you can’'t change the behavior right now.

@3: I hope this will never be the case. Transmitting 100 vcards with embedded avatars will take some time. But one should be able to patch the server to do this.


thanks buddy

with cached display name i mean that if a client requests a rosteritems display name it gets the display name but if the other client changed his display name the first client will still get the same old display name. because it will be cached. the client can get the new display name when the server is restarted. so i wanted to know how to get a display name but not from the cache.

any ways can you tell me what should be the xml to get a rosteritems display name?

and for answer #2 can u tell me which file(s) is going to be changed, cuz i don’'t know java very well(I am a delphi programmer), just some clues

plus another question,

when the user recieves his offline messages, he can not recieve it again, i mean is there any option if he wants to keep the message or delete it?

Hi Karimzai,

so much questions and not in one post but in three one, this makes it hard to reply because one sees only one thread while replying.

You did connect with two clients, the same JID but another resource, didn’'t you? In case you did I agree that this is a minor bug, so maybe a developer will read this and create an issue for Spark. The other client gets the IQ packet with the changed roster:

/codeMany clients offer to show a debug log, there you should see also the rosteritems XML.

@2: I’'m not a developer and I would need to trace this using a debugger / eclipse. If you have the intention to modify the classes you may do this for yourself, Building Wildfire with Ant or Eclipse[/url] should help you to get started.

@4: I don’'t know about the handling of offline messages. You should post new questions as a new thread, overloading an existing one is not the best idea.