Non english characters not recognized


Someone could help to understood why non english characters not recognized in Spark client.

But it not happening for all character what you can see in this picture



Spark cient version 2.8.1 - for all workstaions.

Openfire version - 4.0.3

I think this is usually the case of a database not set to use Unicode (UTF). Spark works for me with every non-latin character we have in Lithuanian. Although we use embedded database with default settings (maybe it is already set to use unicode out of the box).


We are using external DB with utf8 encoding. Here is my database/server character sets.

wroot, for you offline messages displays fine too?

I’m not a db guy, so can’t tell if these settings are correct. Yes, offline messages are fine for us.

which client and server version you are using?

Same as yours (4.0.3, 2.8.1).