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Non-installer downloads available?

There’'s only three downloads available for the current 1.1 binary release and the .jar is one of those horrid installers. Is it possible to get the version that can be installed into an app server?

Sure it is. I’'ll put one up soon.

I would also appreciate an appserver-friendly package.

Additionally I want to express my appreciation for Opening the server.

I’‘ve recently been asked get an XMPP server set up for internal messaging at work, and I’‘m restricted to using Open Source solutions. None of the Open Source servers that I’'ve evaluated thus far have really impressed me, but it appears Jive will meet our needs. Now with it being Open Sourced, I look forward to evaluating 1.1 andassuming all goes welldeploying the Open Source release.

Thank you.

will the app server version be going up on the site? The current jar is the zero-g install package. Or are you waiting on the version 2.0 Open source version release?

Great news about making it open source by the way. I look forward to contributing to the project.


We plan on releasing 1.1.1 early next week and will try to include a package that doesn’'t use Zerog.



I just wanted to pop in and say thanks for posting the tarball.


Sure it is. I’'ll put one up soon.

Will you still be able to put up a WAR, or should we just hang on ''til 2.0?

We’'re just about to release 2.0, so it will have to wait until then. Thanks for your patience!