Non-registered user login to Openfire


Need help on the following:

we had a setup of Openfire 3.7.1 in RHEL 6.2 and its working fine locally.

We are facing the issue of login from mobile devices through BOSH.

The BOSH is setup with Apache (2.2) and proxy module and its working in local network successfully.

The local user is able to access BOSH by /bosh that we mapped through Proxy to http://:7070/http-bind.

Also, local user can login anonymously to Openfire.

The issue is when we access with mobile device (http://mobiledomain.xx/bosh), its rejecting the connections.

We verified the logs in server and the warning error is ‘the client provided invalid session’.

This errror is getting when local user connecting, but chat is working.

The issue is to the mobile user.

please help to resolve the issue.

the mobile app is a phonegap app with strophe and js to connect.