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@nonsubdomain.com without SRV records?

Is there a way to get Jive hosted on sub.domain.com to receive IMs to user@domain.com without using SRV records? My dns providor does not provide SRV records, but I’'d love to be able to get this to work (since my hosting provider will not install Jive Messenger.)

I’‘ve read that there is some way to hotrod the MX record, but haven’'t been able to confirm this. Does this work?


Unfortunatly i think your out of luck there.

I’'m sort of in the same boat. EasyDNS has yet to offer SRV support so my Jabber/Jive installs have had to be @jabber.domain.com.

Honestly I’'ve used it like that for so long that I think I kinda prefer it like that. It gives it a destiction from an email address, and since there is not standard for Jabber/XMPP URIs its the only thing that lets reads of both print and web easily identify it as something other then an email address.

Hope this helps